An Important Message Regarding COVID-19

As Ontario practices start to reopen, we are excited to welcome you back! Be assured that we are putting safety protocols in place so your next visit is safe and comfortable. See below for details on all that we are doing.

As of June 8th, we are now accepting all dental appointments, but please bear with us as we prioritize emergency and urgent needs.


Steps we are taking to welcome you back:




Enhanced patient protection measures: All of our staff members have upgraded their protective gear. This includes appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for all appointments including isolation gowns, appropriate masks and face shields. The reception areas have plexiglass barriers to ensure our team is kept safe. Between patients, we meticulously clean, disinfect rooms and all surfaces, as well as sterilize instruments.




A virtual waiting room: We have set up a virtual “waiting room” for our patients to check-in via text message and wait, if necessary, somewhere safe outside the clinic, such as in a car or in the mall common area outside the clinic.




Tech-enabled screening: We digitally pre-screen patients in advance for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors to ensure our clinic stays COVID-free. We also screen our team members daily to ensure everyone’s safety. Both patients and staff will be screened daily using a touchless thermometer.




Air filtration (hospital grade HEPA): We have invested in high-efficiency air filtration systems to ensure air quality is sanitary after aerosol producing dental procedures. This is an important step to make sure the air in the treatment room is cleaned in a timely manner so that each patient will be assured a germ free environment. The HEPA filtration units used are by IQ Air and Blue Air which are among the most respected brands on the market. The COVID-19 virus has a very small particle size and not just any HEPA filtration media will suffice.   




Enclosed treatment rooms: We have taken measures to enclose all treatment rooms so that the air in the room can be contained and cleaned effectively and efficiently by the multiple air cleaners. Without enclosing the room, it would be impossible to keep the aerosols contained and be able to clean the room air between the patients in under 6 minutes*. If this is not done, the room must be left unused for 3 hours in between patients for the aerosols to settle. Use this link to view our enclosed treatment rooms:  



Negative pressure treatment rooms: We have also taken an extra precaution by having all of our treatment rooms under negative pressure. This is the same principle hospital use to isolate patients suspected of COVID-19. We felt this is important to make sure dental aerosols created inside the treatment room stays in the room and not spread throughout the dental office.


Pre-procedural Mouth Rinse:  A number of provincial COVID-19 infection prevention and control guidelines include a recommendation to use a pre-procedural rinse. Research has shown that, while a povidone-iodine (PVP-I or Betadine) antiseptic rinse did inactivate COVID-19, a hydrogen peroxide antiseptic rinse had ineffective virucidal results.  


At Towne Dental, we have recently made the shift from using Hydrogen Peroxide to Molecular Iodine Mouth Rinse for 30 secs after the mask is removed and before any treatment is initiated.    We have chosen to use Molecular Iodine (PVP-I2) because it is 100x more effective than PVP-I but without the problems with toxicity, brown staining and poor taste.



Extra oral suction units: Although not a requirement by our governing body, we felt that capturing aerosols at the source will further ensure the safety of our staff and patients by minimizing aerosols created during dental treatment.   




Please feel free to arrange an office tour if you want to discuss and see the measures we have taken to make your dental visit safe for you and your family.




*A follow time of under 6 mins must be confirmed by an HVAC specialist.